Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Roop Lor Wua Tanoo Jao Khun Klang 财库主护法神牛尊

Roop Lor Wua Tanoo Jao Khun Klang (Rakang bell material) from KB Nak, Wat Doi Yee Huy, Lampoon. With various Yants engraved on the body, Saisin tied around the neck and holy soil embedded below. When using 4 pieces together, they can protect the 4 corners of your house. When used individually, they can protect you or your vehicle, or be used to make holy water. KB Nak is a 98yrs old guru monk of the North and master of Lanna wicha. Excellent for power, authority, wealth attraction, business luck, destroying black magic, driving out evil spirits and intruders within a protected area. Consecrated in 2559 (2016). 2 pieces available. $40 each.
财库主护法神牛尊(庙钟制)- 出自古巴纳,朵依会寺,南奔府。牛身刻有多种符印,颈项绑经线,底下塞有圣土。当4个一起用,可以用来保护家宅的4角。如果单用则可以保护自身,车辆或用来做圣水。98岁的古巴是泰北之高僧,精通兰纳法术。能赐予力量、威严、招财、好生意、在它守护的范围内破除降头、驱赶邪灵及一切入侵者。佛历2559(2016)年开光。有2粒。每粒40元

How to use the Wua Tanoo

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