Thursday, September 22, 2016

Phra LP Tuad-Setthi Nawagot Set 龙普托-九面财佛配套

Phra LP Tuad-Setthi Nawagot Set (Mixed powder material) Perd Lok Maha Setthi batch from PT Niam of Wat Bang Sai, Nakhon Si Thammarat. This set of 8 pieces has LP Tuad and mini rian in front, Setthi Nawagot and 2 temple codes behind. They are made with many types of holy powder, soil, old temple bell, old amulets and takruts mixed together. PT Niam is one of the senior guru monks of Nakhon. Excellent for all round Metta, main and side wealth, boost luck, prosperity and protection from all danger. Consecrated in 2553 (2010). $80.
龙普托-九面财佛配套(混合粉制)大财主创世批 - 出自婆叹念,邦赛寺,洛坤府。配套里有8粒牌,前面是龙普托和迷你牌,后面是九面财佛和2个标记。它们是用多种圣粉圣土,旧庙钟、旧牌和符管混合而制成。老师父最该府的高僧之一。能赐予全面人缘、正财偏财、起运、兴旺及在一切危险中得到保护。佛历2553(2010)年开光。80元

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