Monday, August 24, 2009

LP Waen

5" LP Waen bucha (black bronze material) from Wat Doy Mae Pang, Chiang Mai. With LP Waen's relic, kassa cloth, amulet and LP Tuad towrid embedded below. Serial no 283. Consecrated in 2547 (2004). For display only.
Back view.
Bottom view.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ajarn Kong

Ajarn Kong of Wat Bansuan, Pattalung.
5" Ajarn Kong bucha (black bronze material) by LP Prom of Wat Bansuan, Pattalung. With Ajarn Kong's Rian Phra Pidta 2511 embedded below. Consecrated in 2548 (2005). $100. SOLD. Thks for support!
Back view.
Bottom view.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

LP Si Kaew

3" LP Si Kaew bucha (black bronze material) by PT Kaew of Wat Huay Ngor, Pattani. LP Si Kaew was the legendary founder of Wat Huay Ngor, famous in Pattani. With LP Si Kaew phra and rian embedded below. Consecrated in 2537 (1994). $68. SOLD. Thks for support.

LP Si Kaew Katha:
Namo Tassa (3x)
Namo Buddhaya Nachaliti Buddhang Sangmi U-Ah-Mi Iti Bhagava.
Back view.
Bottom view.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

LP Mee

LP Mee of Wat Manwichai, Ayuttaya.
LP Mee 5" bucha (bronze material) Mondop building batch from Wat Manwichai, Ayuttaya. With LP Mee Double Dragon Rian 2537 embedded below. Consecrated in 2549 (2006). $108. SOLD. Thks for support!
Back view.
Bottom view.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rian Prok Po LP Tah

Rian Prok Po LP Tah (old copper material) from Wat Paniangdaek, Nakhon Pathom. Taken personally from temple, only a few pieces left inside. Consecrated in 2482 (1939). $238. SOLD. Thks for support.
Back view.
The old Prok Po medals on display at Wat Paniangdaek.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

LP Ngern

A photo of LP Ngern, Wat Bang Klan (2353 - 2462BE).
5" Bucha of LP Ngern riding crocodile (black bronze material, length 13" height 9") from Wat Bang Klan, Pichit. Consecrated in 2539 (1996). $168. SOLD. Thks for support!
Back view.