Thursday, September 22, 2016

Phra Pidta Loy Ong III 浮尊掩面佛

Phra Pidta Loy Ong III (Ash powder material) Mahalap batch from LP Chuay of Wat Khao Noi, Sukhothai. Already encased in waterproof plastic casing. This Pidta is made from bone ash and holy soil collected from many places, and mixed with powder from old Pidta Gradok Phi. It is coated with dark brown lacquer, and has many Yants and Akaras engraved all over the body. LP Chuay has become famous recently thru the making of these ghost pidta amulets. Excellent for main and side wealth, boost luck, 6th sense, invulnerability and deflection of all danger. Consecrated in 2559 (2016). $160. 
浮尊掩面佛(骨灰粉制)大富批 - 出自龙婆揣,考奈寺,素可泰府。已包防水壳。此必打是用多个地方的骨灰粉和圣土,混合旧鬼骨必打粉混合而制成。它身上周围刻有许多符印符字,并油了深褐色漆。师父最近因为重造这批鬼必打而名声大噪。能赐予正财偏财、起运、第六感、刀枪不入及顶开一切危险。佛历2559(2016)年开光。160元

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