Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nu Dud Nom Maew VI 鼠吃猫奶牌

Nu Dud Nom Maew VI (Holy powder material) 2nd batch from LP Tha of Wat Pah Tosapon, Kalasin. Restocked by demand. Already encased in plastic and filled with love flower oil. With gold paint in front, 8 takruts, mini pidta roop, jiworn cloth and 2 types of Saisin embedded behind. This batch is made with 5 types of magical powders including the important cat fetus powder. LP said the charm of this amulet is so strong that even an ugly unattractive person can become attractive and find love. Unfaithful partners also can be made to return home. If u enter a casino with it secretly u can also win money. Excellent for strong Metta Saneh, attraction, relationship harmony, gambling luck and protection. Consecrated in 2558 (2015). 2 pieces available. $100 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!
鼠吃猫奶牌(圣粉制)第二批 - 出自龙普踏,芭头沙碰寺,加拉信府。应群众要求而补货。已包防水壳,里头填满了情花油。前面有金漆,后面塞有8支符管、迷你必打、袈裟布及2种经线。此批是用5种圣粉,包括重要的猫胎粉所制成。老师父说这牌和膏的魅惑力强到让长得丑和没吸引力的人都可以变得有魅力而得到爱情。在外不忠的配偶都可以被呼唤回家。若是秘密的带进赌场都会赢钱。能赐予强力异性缘、魅力、和合、赌运及保护。佛历2558 (2015)年开光。有2粒。每粒100元

Katha Nu Dud Nom Maew:

Pothi Mahisaka, Itipa Itisatto Itiwayak,
Ehi Mak Mak, Nakaro Hoti Sampawo (3 or 7x).

*To be chanted daily*

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