Saturday, September 3, 2016

LP Kaew 3" bucha 龙普窍3寸金身

LP Kaew 3" bucha (Bronze material) by LP Kaew of Wat Sapan Maiken, Songkhla. With takrut and his hand drawn Akaras below. This is his old batch bucha no longer seen in the market. The 109 yrs old LP is deeply respected in Southern Thailand and Malaysia for his ability to dispel black magic through Samadhi. Excellent for power, authority, good luck, warding off black magic, evil spirits and all danger. Consecrated in 2550 (2007). $160.
龙普窍3寸金身(铜制)- 出自龙普窍,沙般迈建寺,宋卡府。底下塞有符管和他手画符字。这是他早期的金身,现在已经在市场上找不到了。109岁的老师父在泰南和马来西亚倍受尊敬,因为他单凭禅定就可以解信众的降头了。能赐予力量、威严、好运、使降头、邪灵和一切危险不得靠近。佛历2550(2007)年开光。160元

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