Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kway Tanoo Maha Pitak bucha 供奉型大护卫神牛

Kway Tanoo Maha Pitak bucha (Clay material, 5" x 4") from PT Jao Saeng, Wat Ban Trang, Pattani. Hand molded from holy soil, each piece is unique. Painted with black lacquer and with multi colored thread tied around the neck. PT is an old guru monk of Pattani who is now famous in Southern Thailand and Bkk for his "Pran Boon" mask amulets. It is based on the Jataka tale of the Kinaree Princess Manora and Hunter Pran Boon, which spiritual dance is performed in temples of Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia during big festivals. Besides Pran Boon, PT is also an expert in HPY and Kway Tanoo wicha. Excellent for wealth attraction, good business, protection against thieves, black magic, evil spirits and enemies. Consecrated in 2558 (2015). $120. SOLD. Thks for support!
供奉型大护卫神牛(陶土制, 5寸x4寸)- 出自婆叹昭贤,般当寺,北大年府。它是用圣土捏出来的,所以每只都是不同的。它全身油了黑漆,牛颈上绑有彩色线。婆叹是该府的老师父,他所加持的“潘布恩”面具牌现在红遍整个泰南和曼谷。它是源自受生传里头紧那罗公主马诺拉和猎人潘布恩的故事。这种灵性的传统舞蹈通常在泰南和北马的寺庙节庆里才可以看到。除了潘布恩之外,师父也是魂魄勇和护法神牛法术的高手。能赐予财富、好生意、防御小偷、降头、邪灵与怨敌的入侵。佛历2558(2015)年开光。120元

Kway Tanoo Katha:

Om Utte Tayang Sanatit,
Om Kway Tanoo Look Mae Tao,
Raksa Jao Jong Dee,
Phi Sang Satru, Moo Rai Tang Len Nee,
Om Kono Maha Kono, Om Koso Maha Koso,
Santha Santhi Janthi,
Om Maha Hiri Ottappa Mam Panno,
Sappuri Soke, Tewa Thamma Tiwujjare,
We Tha Sa Goo, Goo Sa Tha We,
Tayassa Tathasa, Ti Goo Goo Ti Sa Sa,
Goo Ta Goo Phu Ta Phu,
Ko Sawaha Sottite Hontu,
Chaiya Mangkalani (9x).

*After chanting u can command the buffalo to guard
your house/ office/ vehicle accordingly*

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