Sunday, June 19, 2016

Takrut Seua Dam Koo Athap 双灵异黑豹符管

Takrut Seua Dam Koo Athap (Lead material, 2") Song Nam batch from AJ Daeng of Wat Rai, Pattani. Takrut is filled with powder inside, with "Heng" and "Daeng" codes at both ends. This old batch takrut from AJ was made according to the wicha of his master LP Poom, and filled with 2 types of occult powders. Excellent for great power, authority, courage, influence, mesmerizing enemies, invulnerability and deflection of all danger. Consecrated in 2552 (2009). Only 999 pieces made. 2 pieces available. $60 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!
双灵异黑豹符管(锡制, 2寸)浴僧批 - 出自阿赞登,赖寺,北大年府。符管内有圣粉,两端有“兴”和“红”字标记。阿赞这批早期的符管是根据他师父龙婆普姆的法术制造的,里面塞两种灵异圣粉。能赐予力量、威严、勇敢、影响力、迷惑敌人、刀枪不入及顶开一切危险。佛历2552(2009)年开光。只做999支。有2支。每支60元

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