Friday, June 10, 2016

Takrut Mae Tab II 将军符管

Takrut Mae Tab II (Lead material, 3") from LP Chatwan of Wat Ban Poon, Ayuttaya. Takrut is bound with string, coated with black lacquer and covered with gold foil in the middle. Extra Yant is drawn on the outside. LP drawn this batch of takruts for the military commanders serving in the South. Excellent for great power, authority, influence, career success, invulnerability, courage and deflection of all danger. Consecrated in 2558 (2015). 2 pieces available. $70 each.
将军符管(锡制, 3寸)- 出自龙普查弯,般普恩寺,大城府。符管用线缠绑后油上黑漆,中间贴金箔。外面再画额外的符印。师父是为在泰南服役的军官制造这批符管的。能赐予力量,威严、影响力、事业成功、刀枪不入、勇敢及顶开一切危险。佛历2558(2015)年开光。有2支。每支70元

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