Thursday, June 2, 2016

Namdao Um Sap III 吸财葫芦

Namdao Um Sap III (Wood material) from AJ Somchai, Wat Nong Kreun, Saraburi. Coated with gold paint, with his hand drawn Yants all around the body. There is also holy powder and takrut inserted at the mouth of the gourd. AJ is a good friend of LP Leua. Excellent for sucking in wealth, good luck and dissolving all all negative Chi, most suitable for Fengshui application. Consecrated in 2559 (2016). 4 pieces available. $60 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!
吸财葫芦(木制)- 出自阿赞宋猜,浓肯寺,北標府。葫芦油上金漆,身上有多个手画符印。葫芦嘴也塞有圣粉和1支符管。阿赞是龙婆乐的好友。能用来吸财气、好运及化解一切煞气,最适合家宅风水运用。佛历2559(2016)年开光。有4粒。每粒60元

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