Monday, June 27, 2016

Rian Hanuman Diamond Siam 暹罗砖猴神牌

Rian Hanuman Diamond Siam (Black bronze material) Pet Sayam batch from AJ Wirut, Wat San Mamao, Chiang Rai. With Hanuman Head in front and serial no chopped behind. AJ Wirut is an upcoming Sakyant master in the province. Excellent for power, authority, good luck, quick thinking, invulnerability and evasion of all danger. Consecrated in 2559 (2016). 2 pieces available. $40 each.
暹罗砖猴神牌(黑铜制)暹罗砖石批 - 出自阿赞威路,三马冒寺,清莱府。前面有猴神头,后面盖有篇号。阿赞是该府新起的刺符高手。能赐予力量、威严、好运、灵敏思维、刀枪不入及避开一切危险。佛历2559(2016)年开光。有2粒。每粒40元

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