Saturday, June 18, 2016

Takrut Nok Yung Kam Liao Hah Choo 孔雀寻偶符管

Takrut Nok Yung Kam Liao Hah Choo (Lead material, 2") from AJ Pornsit of Wat Sawang Arom, Chiang Mai. Takrut is bound with thread and coated with black paint, with gold foil pasted in the middle and serial no drawn above. According to AJ this "peacock spreading its tail to attract mates" takrut is a Lanna wicha that is extremely powerful in attraction and love for the worshipper. Excellent for strong attraction, mesmerizing charm, popularity, finding love, good business sales and protection. Consecrated in 2556 (2013). Only 644 pieces made. 2 pieces available. $60 each.
孔雀寻偶符管(锡制, 2寸)- 出自阿赞碰悉,沙旺阿隆寺,清迈府。符管用线缠绑后油上黑漆,中面贴金箔再写上篇号。据阿赞说此“孔雀开屏寻配偶”符管是一种兰纳法术,能让崇拜者的爱情魅力超强。能赐予大吸引力、迷人魅力、人见人爱、得到爱情、好生意及保护。佛历2556(2013)年开光。只做644支。有2支。每支60元

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