Friday, June 3, 2016

Pyramid Amata Tham II 长生法金字塔

Pyramid Amata Tham II (Rae Palang Gai material) 2nd batch from LP Simpli of Wat Pah Wichai, Loei. This unique amulet is made entirely from the rae palang gai mineral. LP used the wicha of immortality to bless this amulet, the only one of its kind in the world. LP Simpli, a disciple of both LP Mun and LP Thep Lok Udon, is a miraculous forest monk who although already 118 yrs old, looks like he is only 60. It is said he started returning back to youth at 95 yrs old. Excellent for Metta Saneh, boost energy, health, virility, strength, returning to youth and longevity. Consecrated in 2559 (2016). Few pieces made. $160. SOLD. Thks for support!
长生法金字塔(增体力矿粉制)第二批 - 出自峦普新披利,芭威猜寺,黎府。此特殊的牌是完全用增体力矿粉制造的。峦普使用了长生不死法术来加持这批牌,可说是世上独一无二的。师父是峦普曼和峦普帖神僧之弟子,也是神奇的苦行僧。他虽然已经118岁高龄,但看起来只有60岁。据说他到95岁的时候就开始返老还童了。能赐予异性缘、增强精神、健康、壮阳、体力、返老还童及长生不老。佛历2559(2016)年开光。数量很少。160元

Katha Amata Tham 长生诀:

Amata Jittang, Amata Gaiyang,
Chiwittang Amata, Chaiya Mechatang,
Chaiya Mecharang, Chaiyame Maranang,
Nijjang Nijjang (9 or 108x).

**After chanting make a wish for health, strength and longevity. User is advised to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food so as not to negate the power of this amulet. If one meditates constantly on this katha, living to 100 and beyond like LP is not impossible.**

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