Sunday, November 16, 2014

Takrut Saneh Jant Ranjuan II 月神爱魅力符管

Takrut Saneh Jant Ranjuan II (Red copper material, 1") from LP Chalerm of Wat Boon Nak, Samut Songkram. This is the latest love takrut from LP. With temple chop in the middle and special "Pong Mahasut" stuffed at both ends. LP said whoever lost a lover or cannot find love due to poor looks can find love again by praying with this takrut. By thinking of the person and meditating on the heart mantra, one can attain result within 7 days. Excellent for great charm, attraction, finding lost love, relationship harmony and protection. Consecrated in 2557 (2014). 7 pieces available. $30 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!
月神爱魅力符管(红铜制, 1寸)- 出自龙婆查冷,文纳寺,夜功府。这是师父最新的爱情符管。中间盖有标记,两端塞有特别的“摩诃素”圣粉。师父说若是有谁失去了爱人或因长相不好而找不到爱人,可以用此符管祈求。只要想住所爱之人并念诵其心咒,7天之内必会有成就。能赐予大魅力、吸引力、寻回爱情、和合及保护。佛历2557(2014)年开光。有8支。每支30元

Takrut Heart Mantra:

I Ta Ka Mi (108x).

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