Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Palakit Wao Kamon II 亮心阳神

Palakit Wao Kamon II (Mai Haeng Thep material, 3") 1st batch from LP Dah of Wat Utumpon, Surin. With Akaras engraved on both sides of the shaft and Metta wax inserted into the tip of the head. The 92 yrs old LP Dah is an old Forest Monk expert in Palakit wicha. He strongly blessed the palakits until they could swim around in the river in front of his kuti (as seen in the photos). Excellent for strong Metta Saneh, popularity, good luck, good business and protection. Consecrated in 2557 (2012). Only 300 pieces made. 9 pieces available. $60 each.
亮心阳神(干神木制, 3寸)第一批 - 出自龙普搭,乌吞碰寺,素輦府。茎身两面都刻有符字,头顶塞了人缘膏。92岁的老师父是森林苦行僧,精通阳神法术。在他的强力加持下,阳神们都可以在他僧舍前的河里自己游来游去(参考上面的照片)!能赐予强力异性缘、大众缘、好运、好生意及保护。佛历2557 (2014)年开光。只做300支。有9支。每支60元

Katha Palakit Wao Kamon:

Ai Kik Ai Khak, Ngiang Yak Hang Bok,
Por Jeua Hee Kok, Tang Bok Tang Yak (3 or 7x).

*After chanting the katha, stroke the palakit
like a pet and ask it to help u.*

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