Sunday, November 16, 2014

Takrut Int Plaeng V 天帝神变符管

Takrut Int Plaeng V (Lead and Powder material, 2") from LP Chalerm of Wat Boon Nah, Samut Songkram. With temple chops at both ends and the magical "Pong Anong Rak" powder coated in the middle. "Int Plaeng" means Phra Int displaying his powers to charm all the Devas. LP said he spent 1 year to make this batch of takruts as they had to be drawn at an auspicious time and each must be blessed individually and coated with powder according to this ancient wicha. Excellent for Metta Saneh, mesmerizing charm, finding love, relationship harmony good business sales and protection. Consecrated in 2556 (2013). Final restock of 8 pieces. $40 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!  
天帝神变符管(锡与粉制, 2寸)- 出自龙婆查冷,文拿寺,夜功府。符管两端盖有标记,中间包一层强力的“美女爱”人缘粉。“天帝神变”即是天帝帕因使用其神通变化来迷倒诸天众。师父说他花了一年的时间来制造这批符管,因为根据古法本每支符管都要在吉时画,单独加持而且涂上人缘粉。能赐予异性缘、迷人魅力、找得爱情、和合、好生意及保护。佛历2556(2013)年开光。最后的补的8支。每支40元

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