Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Takrut Salika Koo Mat Jai 锁心双妙音鸟符管

Takrut Salika Koo Mat Jai (Lead material, 1") 1st batch from LP Tha of Wat Pah Tosapon, Kalasin. These twin takruts are bound with orange string and have "Na" code chopped at one end. They are soaked in a mixture of 108 Metta herbs and then blessed for 3 yrs before release. LP said whoever worship these twin Salika will have charming and romantic voice to the opposite sex, whether it is your spouse, normal friend or stranger. If u are a salesperson, businessman, actor or singer, u will also become very popular and successful. Excellent for attractive voice, romantic aura, relationship harmony, popularity, good business sales and protection. Consecrated in 2557 (2014). 4 pieces available. $40 each. Sold out. Thanks for support! 
锁心双妙音鸟符管(锡制, 1寸)第一批 - 出自龙普踏,芭头沙碰寺,加拉信府。这双符管用橙线缠绑,尾端盖有“纳”符字。它们都浸泡过108人缘药草的油里,然后受加持3年才可以出庙。老师父说谁膜拜这双妙音鸟都会变得对异性有充满魅力和浪漫的音声,不管是配偶、普通朋友或是陌生人都一样。如果是从事销售员、生意人、演员或歌手,也会变得很受欢迎及很成功。能赐予美妙音声、浪漫磁场、和合、人见人爱、好生意买卖及保护。佛历2557 (2014)年开光。有4支。每支40元

Katha Salika Koo:

Ehi Salika Wantanang,
Mettang Putta, Sesi Neha Rattang,
Salika Lapho Phawantume, Ehi Ying Chai (3 or 7x).

*To be chanted daily*

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