Sunday, November 9, 2014

Takrut Maha Prab XII 大降伏符管

Takrut Maha Prab XII (Copper material, 5") 1st batch from LP Sing of Wat Ban Pah Tabaeng, Korat. Bound with string and coated with black lacquer, with temple codes chopped at both ends. LP learned this wicha from his master LP Geung. It is said this Yant is so powerful that even if you went through a knife storm you cannot be harmed. When LP was still a novice he never went on tudong to the forest with his master without it. He said he even went to save some Karen children from a burning house but was not burned by the fire at all. Excellent for great power, authority, subduing all enemies, evil spirits, black magic, negative chi, fire and deflection of all danger. Consecrated in 2557 (2014). 9 pieces available. $60 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!
大降伏符管(铜制, 5寸)第一批 - 出自龙普型,半芭塔丙寺,呵叻府。符管用线缠绑后油上黑漆,两端也盖了标记。龙普是从他师父龙婆庚那里学得此法。据说此符法威力强到就算你进入利刀风暴中也不会受伤。当龙普还是小沙弥随师父到森林苦行的时候,此符管就已从不离身。他还曾经进入着火的房子去救克伦族小孩,但一点都没被火烧伤。能赐予大力、大威德、降伏一切怨敌、邪灵、降头、煞气、火灾及顶开一切危险。佛历2557(2014)年开光。有9支。每支60元

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