Friday, March 10, 2017

Roop Phaya Krut Setthi 财主神鹰尊

Roop Phaya Krut Setthi (Silver material) Ruay Tanjai batch from LP Moon, Wat Ban Jan, Si Saket. Already placed in silver casing. With temple chop behind. LP Moon the top Arahant guru monk of Si Saket passed away in 2546 at the age of 109. Excellent for great power, authority, wealth attraction, success, prosperity and deflection of all danger. Consecrated in 2539 (1996). $250. Sold. Thks for support! 
财主神鹰尊(银制)速富批 - 出自龙普闷,瓣沾寺,四色菊府。已装入银壳。后面盖有寺庙标记。老师父乃是该府的顶尖阿罗汉高僧,在佛历2546年圆寂,享年109岁。能赐予大力、威严、财富、成功、兴旺及顶开一切危险到。佛历2539 (1996)年开光。250元

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