Sunday, March 5, 2017

Prai Rak Somwang 爱情满愿鬼

Prai Rak Somwang (Holy soil material) from LP Chart, Patibat Tham Kok Sung, Roi Et. Made from wooden mould, with 4 gem eyes in front and 2 takruts embedded behind. According to LP these twin spirits will help u the worshipper not only in love, but in wealth, gambling luck and business as well. LP is a top master of necromancy in the province and his stuff are very popular among Malaysian customers, but still relatively unknown in Spore. Excellent for powerful attraction, popularity, success in relationship, getting back a lover, side wealth, gambling luck and good business sales. Consecrated in 2559 (2016). 3 pieces available. $40 each.
爱情满愿鬼(圣土制)- 出自龙婆查特,阔怂法舍,橫逸府。此牌是用木模做的,前面有4粒宝石眼,后面塞2支符管。据师父说这对雌雄灵体不只可以在爱情方面帮助崇拜者,它们也可以在偏财、赌运和生意方面给予协助。龙婆是该府顶尖的降头师;他的东西非常受马来西亚信徒的欢迎,但在新加坡还没多少人懂。能赐予强大的魅力、人见人爱、求偶成功、寻回爱人、偏财、赌运及好生意买卖。佛历2559(2016)年开光。有3粒。每粒40元

Prai Rak Katha:

Ehi Ehi Katang Piyang,
Kayo Prai Rak Somwang Mah Mah,
Ehi Sawahak (3x).

*Offer with food and rice wine if it succeeds in helping u*

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