Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Phra Khun Paen Um Gai VI 抱鸡坤平

Phra Khun Paen Um Gai VI (Old clay material) from LP Suang of Ban Lalom, Si Saket. Those red meat with temple chop behind are said to be the original batch, and those with LP's Jiworn cloth behind are blessed at a later time. These are the KPs that are said to be banned from the casinos in Cambodia. LP Suang is another legendary eccentric monk who is said to have lived for 500 yrs. He was revered as a living wealth god with great supernormal powers. After LP passed away, his disciples built a Chedi at Wat Prai Pattana to venerate his undecaying body. Excellent for Metta Mahaniyom, side wealth, gambling luck, success and protection from all danger. Consecrated in 2519 (1976). 10 pieces available. $60 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!
抱鸡坤平(旧陶土制)- 出自龙普爽,拉隆村,四色菊府。那些红肉后面盖有寺庙标记的据说是最早的一批,而那些后面有师父袈裟布的是后来才加持的。这些就是据说在柬埔寨赌场被禁带入的坤平牌。龙普爽是个疯癫和尚(犹如济公),传说已经活了五百岁! 他当时被崇拜为一个神通广大的活财神。圣僧圆寂之后他的徒弟在派帕塔那寺建了灵塔来供奉他的不灭金身。能赐予大众缘、偏财、赌运、成功及在一切危险中得到保护。佛历2519(1976)年开光。有10粒。每粒60元

LP Suang Wealth Katha:

Namo Tassa (3x)
Namo Pothisatto Mahakunno Mahittiko Mahalapho,
Ahang Puchemi Sitti Lapho Nirantang,
Puttang Prasittime,
Thammang Prasittime,
Sangkang Prasittime,
Ariya Ong Suang Sampanno,
Itipiso Namo Puttaya,
Isawasuki Mahabandan,
Sajjang Prasittime Sathu Sathu Sathu (3 or 7x).

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