Monday, March 13, 2017

Roop Lor Seua Phayak II 猛虎尊

Roop Lor Seua Phayak II (Tooth material) from LP Pahn of Wat Bang Hia, Samut Prakan. Carved from tiger tooth, left only the open mouth version, supported with silver wire. LP Pahn was perhaps the earliest maker of Tiger roop amulets in Thailand. His old tiger roops made of tiger tooth are highly prized in the amulet world today. Excellent for power, authority, good luck, attract wealth, protection from black magic, evil spirits, enemies and all danger. Most suitable for those born in Year of Tiger, Pig, Horse, Dog. Consecrated in 2480 (1937). 3 pieces available. $250 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!
猛虎尊(牙制)- 出自龙普潘,邦夏寺,北揽府。此尊是用虎牙雕刻出来的,剩开口的版本,身上有银线支撑。龙普是泰国最早制造虎尊的高僧,而他的虎牙虎尊是最受佛牌界所推崇的。能赐予力量、威严、好运、招财、防御降头、邪灵、怨敌及危险。最适合肖虎、猪、马、狗之人。佛历2480(1937)年开光。有3只。每只250元

Seua Phayak Katha:

Pha Yak Ka Pa (3x),
Tamakang Pakasento,
Phayakko Phayakka,
Sat Kah Ah Hak,
Kai Sorn Sa Tit (3x).

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