Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Phra Khun Paen Um Gai VII 抱鸡坤平

Phra Khun Paen Um Gai VII (Mixed powder material) from AC Put, Samnak Poo Saneh Kobut, Bangkok. Already encased in plastic. This KP is made with various types of charming powders like Wan Dok Thong, Wan Chang Pasom Klong, Wan Sao Long and Wan Saneh Jant, as well as burial soil from 7 cemeteries. Embedded on both sides are bone chips, dead man's coin and takrut salika linthong. AC said this KP is most suitable for those working ppl who wants to be loved by the boss and helped by all their colleagues. AC Put aka AC Prot the master of extreme saneh and barang needs no introduction. Excellent for strong attraction, workplace popularity, side wealth, good luck, good business and protection. Consecrated in 2558 (2015). Few pieces made. $160 each.
抱鸡坤平(混合粉制)- 出自阿赞普特,寇布魅力爷法舍, 曼谷。已包防水壳。此坤平是用多种魅力粉混合而成,如淫女粉、迷象群粉、迷女粉和魅月粉;以及7个坟地的阴土混合而成。两面塞有骨碎、死人钱币及妙音鸟符管。阿赞说此牌非常适合那些工作上想得到老板爱戴和同事帮助的人。阿赞普特在曼谷也叫阿赞普洛,不过精通超级魅力和阴牌法术的他无需额外的介绍了。能赐予强大魅力、职场人缘、偏财、好运、好生意及保护。佛历2558(2015)年开光。数量少。每粒160元

KP Heart Katha:

Hi Ho He Ha (9x).

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