Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Takrut Jaturo Bang Gert Sap VI 四方生财符管

Takrut Jaturo Bang Gert Sap VI (Lead material, 2") from LP Wan of Wat Mai Nong Nam Khun, Nakhon Sawan. Takrut is coated with black lacquer and then covered with gold foil. LP blessed these takruts for 2 yrs already and said whoever worships this takrut will have gold, money and property coming to him from 4 directions. If he is in debt it will be cleared very soon. Very popular in Thailand now and snapped up very fast. Excellent for main and side wealth, windfall luck, freedom from debt, good business and protection. Consecrated in 2558 (2015). 5 pieces left. $50 each. 
四方生财符管(锡制, 2寸)- 出自龙婆弯,新浓南坤寺,那空沙旺府。符管油上黑漆后再用金箔贴满。师父加持这批符管已两年,并说谁崇拜它都会有金钱和地产从四方来找他。如果欠债也会很快可以还清。现在在泰国非常受欢迎,一下就被请完了。能赐予正财偏财、横财运、除债、好生意及保护。佛历2558(2015)年开光。剩5支。每支50元

Katha Jaturo Bang Gert Sap:

Namo Tassa (3x)
Jaturo Nawamo Tawecho,
Trini Pancha Satta,
Attak Eko Chawajja Racha (3-9x daily).

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