Monday, June 5, 2017

Rian Lor LP Ngern 牌尊龙普银

Rian Lor LP Ngern (Alpaka material) Gong Toon 53 batch from Wat Bang Klan, Pichit. Already encased in plastic. With various wheel of fortune Yants and Akaras, serial no and temple code chopped behind. This is the most popular batch of LP Ngern in recent years, mass chanted by 108 guru monks in 9 ceremonies. Excellent for all round Metta, wealth attraction, change luck and protection from all danger. Consecrated in 2553 (2010). 2 pieces available. $80 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!
牌尊龙普银(镍制)聚顶53批 - 出自邦甘寺,披集府。已包防水壳。背后有几个转运轮符印符字,也盖了篇号标记。这是近年来最受欢迎的龙普银 ,由108位高僧大念经开光9次。能赐予全面人缘、财富、转运及在一切危险中得到保护。佛历2553(2010)年开光。有2粒。每粒80元

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