Friday, June 2, 2017

Roop Lor Tao Maha Prom II 大梵天尊

Roop Lor Tao Maha Prom II (Thong boran material) Sirimongkon 80 batch by Phra Kru Sirirat of Wat Kaew Chamfah, Bangkok. With kring inside, serial no and temple code engraved below. 14 other guru monks also joined him to bless this batch of amulets, including LP Surasak, AJ Diu, LP Jai and KB Noi. Excellent for all round Metta, authority, career, wealth, wish fulfilling, good luck and protection from all danger. Mass chanted in 2558 (2015). 2 pieces available. $50 each.
大梵天尊(老金制)吉祥福80批 - 出自帕库西里腊,轿赞伐寺,曼谷。内有铃珠,底下刻有篇号和标记。另外有14位大师加入此次开光仪式,如龙婆苏拉萨、阿赞丢、龙婆宰和古巴奈。予全面人缘、威严、事业、财富、满愿、好运及在一切危险中得到保护。佛历2558(2015)年大念经开光。有2粒。每粒50元

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