Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rian LP Daeng 龙普登牌

Rian LP Daeng (Black copper material) Ratto batch from LP Daeng of Wat Khao Bandai It, Petchaburi. Already encased in plastic. This is a rare old rian from LP Daeng himself, in almost perfect condition. LP Daeng was the top guru monk in Petchaburi during the 60s and 70s, most famous for his Somdej amulets with the square Yant behind. Excellent for prosperity and protection. Consecrated in 2516 (1973). $300. Sold. Thks for support! 
龙普登牌(黑铜制)腊透批 - 出自龙普登,考班代乙寺,佛丕府。已包防水壳。这是龙普自己加持的稀有老铜牌,状态接近完美。龙普在六七十年代是佛丕府的顶尖高僧,以他那背后有方形符印的颂德佛最闻名。能赐予兴旺及庇佑。佛历2516(1973)年开光。300元

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