Friday, August 19, 2016

Phra Leela II 行走佛

Phra Leela II (Wan material) 1st batch from PT Dud of Wat Thung Nui, Satun. With goldstone fragment and takrut embedded behind. This batch is remade using a mixture of Wan, holy powder and LP Hok's 108 Ash Phra Leela. PT Dud is 83 yrs old this year and he has moved over to this temple some time ago. Excellent for all around Metta, good luck, attract noblemen, overcome obstacles and protection from all danger. Most suitable for ppl who travel often. Consecrated in 2556 (2013). 3 pieces available. $40 each.
行走佛(药草粉制)第一批 - 出自婆叹堵,铜奴依寺,沙吞府。后面塞有金沙石碎和符管。这批牌是用药草粉、圣粉和龙婆霍108骨灰行走佛之旧粉混合而成。师父今年已经83岁,最近才搬到这见庙里住。能赐予全面人缘、好运、招贵人、克服障碍及在一切危险中得到保护。最适合常出外旅行之人。佛历2556(2013)年开光。有3粒。每粒40元

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