Thursday, October 23, 2014

Takrut Nang Seua Maha Amnaj 大威严虎皮符管

Takrut Nang Seua Maha Amnaj (Fur material, 2.75") 1st batch from KB Nen of Wat Benjakiri, Ratchaburi. Already placed in double head steel casing. All hand drawn by KB. KB Nen used to be from Chiang Mai; he established a Lanna style temple in Ratchaburi near the Myanmar border all by himself. Excellent for power, authority, influence, warding off black magic, evil spirits, enemies and all danger. Consecrated in 2557 (2014). 4 pieces available. $70 each. Sold out. Thanks for support! 
大威严虎皮符管(皮制, 2.75寸)第一批 - 出自古巴念,宾迦齐丽寺,叻丕府。已装入两头钢壳。符管全是师父手画的。古巴念原本来自清迈;他单枪匹马的在叻丕府靠近缅甸边境那里建立了一座兰纳式的寺庙。能赐予力量、威严、影响力、使一切降头、邪灵、怨敌及危险退避。佛历2557(2014)年开光。有4支。每支70元

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