Friday, October 31, 2014

Si Peung Mon Saneh II 孟传魅力膏

Si Peung Mon Saneh II (Beewax material) from AJ Prakong of Wat Bang Waek, Bangkok. This famous si peung is made from 2 types of special Metta Wan powder (different color) mixed with beewax. AJ Prakong was the top disciple of famous white robe master of Mon Saneh wicha AJ Puvon. Excellent for powerful Metta Saneh, Metta Mahaniyom, relationship harmony, influence and good business sales. Consecrated in 2557 (2014). 3 pieces available. $30 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!
孟传魅力膏(蜂腊制)- 出自阿赞帕孔,邦威寺,曼谷。此膏是用两种特别的人缘药草(不同颜色)混合蜂腊制成的。阿赞帕孔曾是孟传魅力法第一白衣大师阿赞普翁之高徒。能赐予强大魅力、大众缘、和合及好生意买卖。佛历2557(2014)年 开光。有3罐。每罐30元

**Instructions will be given on how to use the wax**

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