Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Takrut Maha Root Noi 小摩诃入符管

Takrut Maha Root Noi (Copper foil material, 2.5") Jarenpon Saoha batch from LP Solot of Wat Kok Wutong, Prachinburi. Bound with thread and coated with black lacquer, then pasted with gold foil. There are also temple codes chopped at both ends. LP Solot is a top guru monk in the province expert in many types of wealth and protection wicha. Excellent for Metta Saneh, getting help from noblemen with power, winning in lawsuit and evading all danger. Consecrated in 2554 (2011). 3 pieces available. $60 each. Sold out. Thanks for support! 
小摩诃入符管(铜片制, 2.5寸)韶哈祝福批 - 出自龙婆索洛,阔乌通寺,巴真府。符管用线缠绑后油上黑漆,然后贴上金箔。两端也盖有寺庙标记。龙婆索洛是该府的顶尖高僧,精通多种招财和护身法术。能赐予异性缘、得到权贵人士的帮助、法庭官司之胜利及避开一切危险。佛历2554(2011)年开光。有3支。每支60元

Maha Root Katha:

Namo Tassa (3x)
Na Ma Ah U, I Sa Wa Su,
Na Mo Put Ta Ya (5x)

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