Sunday, April 16, 2017

Phra Somdej Kee Sing IV 骑狮颂德佛

Phra Somdej Kee Sing IV (Old clay material) from LP Pad, Wat Dong Tan, Lopburi. Already encased in plastic. With dried Pong Ittije at the top. This rare Somdej was made with the help of LP Parn. There were only 2 types of pim, riding lion and riding tiger. They were later kept in the temple's Chedi for many decades and only opened up again in 2543. Excellent for power, authority, influence, keeping enemies, evil spirits away and protection from all danger. Consecrated in 2474 (1931). $200.
骑狮颂德佛(旧陶土制)- 出自龙普帕,冬昙寺,华富里府。已包塑胶壳。上面还有干掉的“忆地皆”圣粉。这稀有的颂德佛是龙普班帮忙制造的,只有两种模;骑狮和骑虎。它们后来被收在寺庙的塔内几十年,到佛历2543年才重新打开。能赐予力量 、威严、影响力、令敌人邪灵退避及在一切危险得到保护。佛历2474 (1931)年开光。200元

Katha Maha Amnaj (from LP Parn):

Namo Tassa (3x)
Ewang Rachasiho Maha Natang,
Sihana Tagang, Sihana Me,
Sila Techana, Nama Rachasiho,
Itti Rit Phra Puttang Raksa,
Sarapat Satru Apa Rachayang,
Itti Rit Phra Thammang Raksa,
Sarapat Satru Apa Rachayang,
Itti Rit Phra Sangkang Raksa,
Sarapat Satru Apa Rachayang (3x).

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