Saturday, April 15, 2017

Phra Lersi Thong Sawan II 大罗金仙

Phra Lersi Thong Sawan II (Holy clay material) from LP Lersi Lingdam, Wat Thasung, Uthai Thani. Already placed in Silver longya casing. With "Mang Mee Si Suk" and "Suk San Man Kong" chops behind. This is the rarest among the 3 pims, and also one of LP's special amulets. LP is the top disciple of LP Parn, most famous for teaching the enhanced rich katha and building Wat Thasung into one of the grandest temples in Thailand. Lersi Thong Sawan is said to LP Parn's true form when he brought him to visit the heavens during their meditation together. Excellent for all round Metta, prosperity, boost luck, guidance in meditation and protection from all danger. Consecrated in 2531 (1988). $330.
大罗金仙(圣土制)- 出自龙婆鲁士灵丹,塔怂寺,烏泰他尼府。已装入彩色银壳。后面盖有“丰财满乐”和“安稳平旺”标记。这是3个模中最少的,也是师父最特殊的佛牌之一。龙婆是龙普班之大弟子,以传授百万财富经及将塔怂寺建立成为全泰 国最富丽堂皇的寺庙之一闻名于世。据说他们一起坐禅的时候,龙普班带他去游历天界,而当时他所见到这大罗金仙就是龙普班的真身。能赐予全面人缘、兴旺、起运、禅定指导及在一切危险得到保护。佛历2531 (1988)年开光。330元

Enhanced Rich Katha

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