Friday, May 27, 2016

Takrut Thep Kiao Nang 天人媾女符管

Takrut Thep Kiao Nang (Nickel material, 1.25") from LP Pin of Wat Kok Sawang, Prachinburi. With temple code chopped in the middle. LP drawn the Yant of Put Sorn Rorn Rak in the takrut, according to an ancient Khmer wicha manual. He then blessed them with the great Mantra of Phra Gan Dan Metta Maha Saneh. Thus whoever worships this takrut with have great charm like a goddess of love. He will always be successful in love even though he might not be rich or handsome. Excellent for great attraction, popularity, love success, relationship harmony and protection. Consecrated in 2559 (2016). 4 pieces available. $30 each. SOLD OUT. Thks for support!
天人媾女符管(镍制, 1.25寸)- 出自龙婆频,阔沙旺寺,巴真府。符管中间盖有标记符印。师父在里头画了“热爱叠佛”符印,并且用“黑阎王大魅力”咒语来加持这批符管。所以谁崇拜它都会像爱情女神一样的充满魅力。就算长得不美或没钱都会在求爱中无往不利。能赐予大魅力、人见人爱、爱情成功、和合及保护。有4支。每支30元

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