Sunday, May 5, 2013

Roop Palakit Tua Kru 师尊阳神

Roop Palakit Tua Kru (Yellow copper material) from LP Pin, Wat Nong Kesorn, Rachaburi. With various Yants carved on its body and special Metta Wan embedded below. LP Pin is very famous for his Metta Saneh and relationship harmony amulets in the province. Excellent for Metta Saneh, Metta Mahaniyom, attraction, good luck and good business sales. Consecrated in 2552 (2009). $60. SOLD. Thks for support!
师尊阳神(黄铜制)- 出自峦珀彬,浓给怂寺,叻丕府。它身上刻有多种符印,底下有特别的人缘药草。师父的人缘和合牌在该府相当出名。能赐予异性缘、大众缘、魅力、好运及好生意买卖。佛历2552(2009)年开光。60元

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