Sunday, December 28, 2014

Phra Buddha Thaksin Chinawaro 7" bucha 达信佛7寸金身

Phra Buddha Thaksin Chinawaro 7" bucha (Bronze material) from AJ Si Ngern of Wat Donsala, Pattalung. With Rian and Somdej embedded below. This is the main Buddha image of Wat Donsala. AJ Si Ngern is the successor of AJ Nam and previous abbot of Wat Donsala. He passed away in 2543 at the age of 72. Excellent for all round Metta, good luck, fulfilling wishes and protection from all danger. Consecrated in 2537 (1994). $300. Sold. Thanks for support! 
达信佛7寸金身(铜制)- 出自阿赞席恩,东萨拉寺,博他仑府。底下塞有铜牌和颂德佛。这是东萨拉寺的主佛。师父是阿赞南之继承人,也是该庙的前任主持。他在2543年已圆寂,享年72。能赐予全面人缘、好运、满愿及在一切危险中得到保护。佛历2537(1994)年开光。300元

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