Sunday, December 28, 2014

AJ Si Ngern 5" bucha 阿赞席恩5寸供奉型

AJ Si Ngern 5" bucha (Fiber material) from LP Wutai of Wat Donsala, Pattalung. With Yant plate embedded below. LP Wutai is the current abbot of Wat Donsala and younger disciple of AJ Nam. Excellent for prosperity and protection from all danger. Consecrated in 2557 (2014). $160.
阿赞席恩5寸供奉型(塑料制)- 出自龙婆乌台,东萨拉寺,博他仑府。底下塞有符片。师父是该庙现任主持,也是阿赞南的小徒弟。能赐予兴旺及在一切危险中得到保护。佛历2557(2014)年开光。160元

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